SEO Keyword Importance and Keyword Tool

Having a reputed online presence is very important for any business to flourish successfully. In the present scenario, where competition influences every business, web presence is enhanced by a higher rank in the search results.  Search engine optimization is an organic way of improving your visibility on the web.


SEO or search engine optimization is a familiar technique of bringing traffic to your website It involves a systematic process of considering what people search for the most or the preferable words and phrases so that they can be included in the content to reach the targeted audience.


SEO keywords


But this SEO which brings your website in the first page of Google search results is of no use without keywords. SEO keyword or sometimes known as target words are those words and phrases which the user search for.


Those words are then matched against your keywords. Maximum the number of words matched higher is your rank in the search results. For SEO, keywords are the basic and of highest priority elements which have to be taken into consideration.


The target words are basically described into two categories:
1) Short-tailed keywords–These  basically contain 1-3 words and are used for blogs.
2) Long-tailed keywords–These contain more than three words and more profitable. This is because as the number of words increases the number of search results decreases. So there are more chances of coming in the first page and grabbing more traffic.
It is very important to know that SEO keyword should be selected on the basis of your content,which means words that describe your content.


If you have written the content it becomes easier for you to select perfect keywords. While selecting target words, it is always wise to think more like a common man than a technical worker.


Despite knowing the importance of keywords for improving your rank, here are some of the common mistakes which are usually done:


  • Make keywords without taking into consideration the written content.
  • Selecting words and phrases which do not match with what is usually searched by the people.
  • Not being aware of common keywords generally being used by customers.


Managing Keyword Density


SEO keyword importance


After you have selected the most appropriate keyword for your content it is time to manage the keyword density.


If the content is keyword rich, it becomes easier for the page to be searched for with that particular keyword, so make sure that you have a good density of targeted keyword in your content.


Keyword density checker is a tool which can be used by the technicians in order to check the density of keywords in your content.


It is important to know that Google strictly avoids keywords stuffing which means if you forcibly try to incorporate keywords in your content, Google regards it completely unethical and spams it.


Google has kept penalty for these actions as its spiders are spread all over and get alerted. So always keep in mind to use the keywords genuinely rather than forcibly.


Other than the content, there are various other places where including keyword is equally important.


SEO keyword placement


Heading and Titles- Keywords in headings and titles maximizes your chances of a higher rank than your competitors because the page titles are usually displayed in the search engines.


According to search engine’s point of view, it is an add-on to have heading/s after every paragraph containing keywords.


Universal Resource Locator- URL defines your website.Including keywords in the domain name can be productive for SEO. Search engines desire to have 5 keywords in your URL for the best result.


However, using 5 words can make the domain name too long.Therefore, 3 potential keywords are successful in generating good results by the search engine.


Meta description- This is yet another effective area where keywords play a vital role. Meta description is the content that is included along with the title of the content of your blog or website.


Writing appropriate meta description can improve the perception about your content.Include the keywords in the meta description and meta titles for achieving prolific results.


In order to generate keywords to reach your targeted audience, there are keyword tools which can help you to generate appropriate keywords for every page.


Keyword Tool


keyword tool


This tool is considered the most efficient than other tools like keyword planner since it works the maximum time and is 99.9% correct. It shows approximately 750 related keywords for a particular search. Keyword generator tool is a free platform which uses Google Suggests to provide you the best keywords for your page in just a few seconds. Instead of using Google keyword planner, it uses Google Autocomplete to search for the relevant keywords.


Autocomplete gives you those suggestions which generally comes up when you start typing for a particular word. It retrieves the most applicable keywords to give you the easiest and quickest benefits.

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