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The cyberspace world is expanding and so are the customer’s expectations. People want to match steps with this trending technology and in such case, it is really difficult for a business man to walk in pace  with the technology and at the same time meeting the expectation of users.


This procedure of converting leads to customers is the concept behind funnel marketing.


The term “funnel marketing” is nowadays being used commonly as one of the most prevalent business strategies. No business can stand well without a master plan behind it and to do so it is very important to take each and every minute detail into consideration. Funnel marketing helps you analyze each step such details and make your next step accordingly.


The different stages of Funnel marketing are as follows:


Develop a plan of action – The spark can be generated among the users only if a full-proof plan goes behind it. This is main game of mind. What, why and how are the three questions you must ask before proceeding with any step. You need to frame properly to avoid wastage of both money and effort.


Attract Customers– After you have made the plan it’s time to execute it. If it works well and slowly people begin to read your blogs and start reverting, you can move ahead with the same strategy.


You need to wait to analyze what step to take ahead if there is no response after some time. Change plans. Start working on those parts where you think there are chances of improvement.


Nurture — If you are lucky, there may be a  queue of users responding to your newsletter, social media, liking your posts and visiting your website. Connect with them and try to respond them as quickly as possible.


Make improvements according to the user’s requirements. Tell them about your work and show them your past experiences. Take the advantage of technology to improve the user’s experience. This will help to nurture to your users.


Convert leads to customers – A lot of effort is required to get leads into your funnel. This is the reason why this marketing strategy is called “funnel marketing”.


There may be a number of users who have visited your site or reverted to newsletter but only a few of them get converted to customers to purchase your product or use your service.



Make it simple. Make it perfect so that there is no possibility of customer stepping back. After the purchase is made and it is paid your user has finally converted to customer.


From visiting to your website to delivering of the product, this entire procedure if goes well for the client, feel fortunate. It is very necessary for this whole process to be in favor of client because this opens the way to get more leads and generate revenues.


If the product/service of your company is liked by the customer, it is also referred by him to his dear ones which is an add on benefit for you.

But in case your product fails to meet customer’s expectation, in no time all your business strategies goes into the dustbin. So, the primary factor to be considered before starting your business is to provide quality product and services because your product is your company’s identity.


Your company is known by the product and services it deals with. So, let’s see if this marketing strategy works well for you or not.


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