UX Design

UX Design



Regardless of the advancement in technology, the question still remains the same. Is the website beneficial for layman to use? Is it easily accessible? Is it appealing in look?


User Experience Design revolves around all these things.


It can be defined as the ease with which the customer interacts with the product and services offered by the company whether it is a website, web application or a desktop application. Nowadays customers demand has not been limited to just the exterior look of the website.


The easier it is to access the website, the better it is for the customers.




In this competitive world of digitalization, the websites are becoming more and more intricate and featured.


Take an example of an e-commerce store, there are hundreds of website to compare to buy a single product. But to hit the bull’s eye, you need to have a strong user experience design with simplified accessibility to the website.


From searching for products to tracking your order, the more your website is interactive, easier it is for customer to access, larger is the traffic generated.


The main aim or the motive of a strong UX design is to fulfill the needs of the customer to provide them a platform facile to use. However, with the advent of modernization human expectation is changing everyday and to meet them accordingly is not an easy task.


We can have a common interface considering the possible outcomes to meet the requirements of the customer.User Experience Design has not just limited its use to interactivity between the user and the product.

It includes:


  • How useful the product is


  • What satisfaction it provides to the customer


  • How easy is it to use the product


Technically, it encloses everything from interactivity to providing services.In the past years, when UX design was not a much known fact, designers mainly considered the following points while designing websites:


Firstly, to design according to client’s requirements


Secondly, to design what according to them looked appealing


Later, when things came into limelight and people started using internet on mobiles, tabs etc. Customers wanted to access the website in the easiest possible way. Thus raised the importance of UX and it is increasing daily.




High Level


Some websites involve a highly complicated design, which includes a number of procedures and steps. This may not be easy for customers to understand. In such cases, instead of using intricate methods, a simple interactive design must be preferred suitable for the customer.


This makes your website stand apart from others.


Medium Level


In these cases, the budget is low so the main focus is to launch the website. Small companies which deal in such projects consider this as “not so important” because their main aim to complete the website. But if taken into consideration, a interactive UX design helps a lot in attracting customers.


Start ups


Generally, companies do not hire specialists for UX design because of lack of resources. In such cases, employees can be trained to make websites easily accessible which also helps the website to become distinctive from others.


It is very important for a website to get connected to the products and services offered by the website to increase your revenue and an interactive UX design helps you do so.


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