Factors for an E-commerce Website to Succeed

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In the simplest terms, E-commerce or Electronic commerce is the buying and selling of products and services. E-commerce websites cover a major fraction of the internet world. It is undoubtedly a prime generator of online revenue.


A constant internet surfing user will better know the variety of e-commerce websites available.


However, it is not quite easy to generate traffic to your website. Where there are multiple of websites to compare to, it cannot be easy to make your website successful.


Here are the various factors for an E-commerce Website to Succeed:


  • Branding- You need to make your website visible. You have to think out of the box to make your website stand apart from your competitors. The term “Multi channel Marketing” is used where you interact with customers on different platforms.


A number of marketing channels like email marketing, social media marketing, referral marketing campaigns etc should be used so that in case one source fails the others are there to compensate. Relying on a single source can put you in danger.


  • Price- Price is a significant factor which the customers consider while buying a product. They compare the cost with the competitive websites. A proper analysis has to be done to provide your customers with the best price thus generating more and more crowd to your website.


  • Quality- Providing a higher quality product is very essential in order to retain customers. Some people have a wrong belief that online products are not good enough for use. No such misunderstanding should persist regarding your products or services. Such beliefs create a bad impression for your products and ultimately the entire website.


  • Responsive- It’s the era of smart phones. It has been analyzed that approximately 50% of the traffic is generated through mobile phones. People prefer to shop using apps. In such case, you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. This is one of the ignored factors which makes your website a “not so” successful one.


  • Customer Interaction- Interacting with customers and resolving their issues play a vital role in providing a positive feedback for your websites. You need to have a customer interacting team who takes into account about the FAQ’s by customers and knows to tackle them well.


  • User-Friendly Designs with clean Shipping Terms- An interactive UI design which reduces the number of clicks the customer has to make to reach the final step is considered to attract more customers. Shipping has to be done in any part of world.


  • It is a prime concern that you deliver the goods at the assigned date. If you charge extra for the delivery, make it clear. Never use unscrupulous means to increase your traffic rate. Promo offers can be used to grab customer’s attention. But make sure these promo codes work well.


  • Secure Transaction- Your website must be SSL certified to ensure secure transactions. Customers always verify for security before filling the confidential details of their credit card etc while making payment. They avoid buying products and making online payments from websites which are not SSL certified.


The above factors if properly analyzed and taken care of will not help in generating crowd but also increase your lead conversion rate.

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