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Internet marketing has various sources which keep on evolving with advertising trends. The Landing page is an indispensable marketing technique which can generate far-reaching benefits to elevate your business.


For layman understanding, the landing page can be considered as a web page on which any visitor lands.


landing page


The landing pages are basically categorized as of two types.


  1. Informative–These landing pages are meant to capture information such as contact number, email address from the visitor so that the organization can connect with them for future purposes. It often contains a contact form asking for the above the details. It can be called as a lead capturing medium for the company.


2. Productive–Productive landing pages contains details of the products and services. The basic requirement for these landing pages is that they contain call to action buttons which compel the user to purchase or avail the services.


In order to get maximum benefits of the landing page, it is vital to be customer- centric. Do not try to confuse the visitor with unnecessary content and images. Only and only relevant information about the products/services should be present because the more one sees the more he confuses.

landing page

Make sure you do not deviate from your motive of attracting maximum customers.


Home page vs Landing page


  1. The home page contains a number of further pages like




However, the landing page is far away from such distractions. It does not have any further pages. It is a single page sometimes containing a link to the main website.


2. The home page of a website is an informative page including the details and description about the organization as well as the services offered by them.

On contrary, the lead capture page it straight and specific including relevant information.


Why does your business need a Landing Page?


  1. The main motive of any marketing technique to get leads and turn them into customers. Landing page offers you an opportunity to generate leads. Because of its customer-centric feature.Since there are no distractions, there are greater chances of leads turning into customers.


Hand pressing Get More Leads


2.  An efficient way of connecting with leads. The landing pages usually have contact forms in order to fetch the visitor details. This data can even help the organization to link up in future.


3.  It is a requisite marketing strategy. The landing pages are shared on social media websites and therefore attain a lot of exposure. This advantage compels the organizations to include catchy content and images. Landing pages act as the fuel to the marketing strategies of the companies.


4.  The landing page gives you the advantage to measure the traffic coming. It allows you to track the progress of your business and analyze the statics to make further updates in order to enhance your performance.

landing page

Google Analytics is a tool that gives you an opening to track and examine your landing page to know the exact percentage of people visiting it.


5.   The details of the visitors can be collected from the contact form. Even if the user does not make a purchase at that particular moment, through his contact details he can be approached in future.


Unbounce– To build and test your landing page




Unbounce is an extremely helpful platform for businesses to enhance their marketing strategies through the medium of dynamic landing pages. It is the fastest way of building landing pages which can help to generate maximum leads.


Following are some of the best features available in an Unbounce landing page:


Responsive– The landing pages built here are 100% responsive to mobiles and tablets in order to meet the growing customer needs.
Drag and Drop– Even for a not- technical person, it is quite easy to work here. You can easily customize your pages without much technical skills required.
Moulds according to your requirement–You can customize the landing page depending on your requirement and make your desired template here.


Parallax Scrolling–Parallax scrolling can be incorporated which can improve the user experience.


WordPress Integration–Simply by using a plugin, the builder can connect Unbounce to his own WordPress website.

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